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My doggie


A reader asked me to see pictures of the one and only Bianca…lol. I swear my doggie could rule the world…if only she could speak. Here are two pictures of pure cuteness.

Bianca  after a bath

Bianca lounging with her cute sweater that cost 5 bucks!








Hakuna Matata

September29th 2012 – Thought for the day ( not diet related).

There is something in the air today.  I was chatting with a friend early this morning talking about I think it’s time.
And it is.

We’re quitting vices ( i prefer to keep what it is private, nothing crazy, normal stuff). And personally, i believe broke people shouldn’t have vices. But the hubby just walked into the room and says ” it feels like a new day… like things are going to start getting better”

I couldn’t help the smile that crept  up.  I was responding to him  ” I hope so” when he says “LISTEN LISTEN YOU HEAR THAT”

We stop and listen.

Birds were chirping and singing.

We smile at each other. The hubby  says  “Hakuna Matata” and leaves the room , and I’m left with a smile on my face.

It reminds me of the a few weeks ago i was walking to the store when  a bug flew RIGHT into my face and fell onto my chest ( tee shirt was covering my skin). It was a lady bug.  Lady bugs are supposed to be good look. Momentarily stunned, the lady bug just laid on my shirt and I didn’t want to flick it off , thus flicking off the good luck. But my heebee jeebies for creepy crawlies overpowered and as  I was about to flick it off me, it got up and flew away. I walked home thinking “Shoot, I don’t mind getting slapped in the face with some good luck right about now”.

I don’t expect  random salvation. But, today we feel….hope. And belief.  It’s been a long time .

But, it’s a brand new day. On this dark, chilly, fall day things are starting to look bright.

All I Got Left

[Authors Note: this is more a personal /my life entry and rant than a “diet” entry.  Didn’t plan it that way, it just happened when I started typing and I figured I would just post it.  It’s healthy to get this stuff out which is part of the whole health plan isn’t it? Part of everything I’ve been saying- it’s not just physical and about food. It’s emotional. It’s mental.  It’s spiritual.  You have to take care of yourself in all aspects to really invest into a healthy being. Writing this rant really showed me how much I keep locked away and how unhealthy it is.

Also, I know the quote is from the bible, I’m not religious…I’m a reader. I just really like the quote. ]


“And I looked,and behold a pale horse:
and his name that sat upon him was Death,
and Hell followed with him.
And power was given unto them
over the fourth part of the earth,
to kill with sword,
and with hunger,
and with the beasts
of the earth.”
The Holy Bible
The Book of Revelation
Chapter 6

This quote  is depicting the  arrival of the  Riders of the Apocalypse  and onset of Armageddon.  How fitting.  A perfect interpretation for the annual arrival of my mother’s brother for his two week visit.  Every year, it feels the same, if not worse than the previous year.   My literal feelings aren’t warm and welcoming, more like expectant.  I feel like a crusader, waiting to greet a great evil and battle for righteousness regardless if doomsday has been foretold. Dramatic, I know. But, you want honesty.

Welcome to my two weeks of hell.


My exercise routine took a great hit during this time. I spent the majority of my time playing referee. Or a more fitting description is a dog herding cattle.  I was chasing my father down half the time, trying to bring him inside the house and stop or take a break from “home projects”.

Every year this guy( my uncle) comes here under the pretense to spend time with my grandfather( his father).  But, his old ass just raids the garage and comes up with makeshift work.  This year, he decided to knock down the pool (it has been inactive for years) and knock down the connecting deck piece.  Every fucking day as soon as my mother and brother are pulling out of the driveway he is shuffling up the driveway to start working. Hammering, drilling, sawing.  Noise. For hours and hours.

Now, this is an old dude that had both right and left knee replacement surgery, heart surgery, and two strokes, one of the stroke debilitating. He isn’t allowed to do manual labor.  His wife doesn’t let him do anything but keep a little garden. Yet, he comes here and does whatever he oh so pleases.  And he has exactly that attitude…feeling he is entitled, better.

He is an ass. Even his own son doesn’t speak to him. I used to be able to ignore him for two weeks. But, each year it gets worse and worse. This year, he dragged my dad into his makeshift work and if it wasn’t bad enough he was doing this type of work, he was doing it nonstop. My father can’t take that kind of strain, especially after his heart problems/stroke.   Telling this guy to stop or no doesn’t work. Yelling doesn’t either. But if he wants to kill himself, then by all means that’s his prerogative. But, leave my father out of it.

And he steals.  Every year he raids my fiancée’s tool box. Now, as you all know my hubby  has been sick for almost two years now ( it’s a year and half ) . Last year a bunch of stuff went missing from the tool box.  I still haven’t found the tools. Can tools make it past TSA? Cause I swear he took it with him.

Well, it  happened again this year. But, the hubby locks his tool box. He puts zip ties around the hinges so it can’t open. They were cut.  The hubby doesn’t use those tools regularly…it’s his work tools. Better, higher end , durable work tools. What’s a mechanic without his tools? That’s why he keeps the tool box in the garage, under a pile of stuff hidden and locked- to preserve them. He has other tools for work that may come up, a few odd screwdrivers and hammers and ratchet set…the basics he may need to fix something on a car.  It’s not like we have money to replace stuff or buy new stuff. When he is physically able, he wants to go back to his manual labor mechanic work. He would need his tools. Now, half of it is missing.

But, what really put me over the edge. Last year when my uncle was here the hubby was still on Chemo. He was chemo sick- a really nasty stint of chemo sick actually. My uncle calls my hubby down to the garage and TELLS( doesn’t ask, tells) him to help him. My hubby politely said no and my uncle went off on him saying “What good are you”  “When I was your age I was working two jobs” and stuff that like. I was livid.
My blood boils just thinking about.
Anyway , this got more rant-y than I anticipated.

My point is, I was dealing with this for two weeks on top of stress and worry about the hubby’s benefits and his health ( he has been really sick, went 3 days without eating).  Problems and problems. Nothing can ever go smoothly.
Also, the new worry about finding a job. I was job hunting  before , true. But, not seriously.  I would apply to something sporadically. But, now  I REALLY need a job, need an income- my parents are barely hanging on by a thread. Things are tough. I want to go back to school. Well I want to go to a certification school first before I got back to finish my degree( I have an AA, I want a BA minimum  , but want to go all the way to PHD) . I want the certification to set  a foundation in a career/work experience. You see, it’s a little more tricky planning a future in my situation cause ,well ,my fiancée does have cancer. I need a sound work history, I need flexibility and I need to be able to be self-sufficient.  Hopefully not, but most likely there will be a time in our future where he is sick again and I will have to be the financial support.   But even short term, like RIGHT NOW, I need to contribute to my parents. I need to pay my way through school. I need to save as well.  Doing a certification will allow me to acquire a better job than a regular bullshit job. I’m looking into medical billing and coding…it’s a popular in demand field. But most importantly is something I can do any town, any state since moving is definitely in our future. The hubby’s parents live in Texas, my parents are moving to North Carolina as soon as my dad qualifies for Medicare OR they can afford to pay out of pocket for health insurance.  Considering the hubby’s cancer, we have to be either close to his family or mine. We will need help.

So, considering all that, now  I make sure to apply to something daily.  Seriously search and apply.
Some days maybe I spend 2 hours registering to companies or websites and applying. Other days I spent a good late morning/whole afternoon  looking ( I wake up early, not like I sleep in everyday but I have my morning routine of walking and feeding my dog, making sure my dad ate, clean up the breakfast mess and then take care of myself with breakfast and coffee).

My intention is to get any job for right now with a decent pay where I’m making more than paying for my commute to and from work.  Not looking to start off with a high end paying job, just enough to contribute a little something to my parents and pursue a certification training problem ( you have to pay for it). Once I get a certification, get a better job and pay my way through the rest of school.  Long process and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but, the only way to get there is by starting on the journey. So every day I spend time trying.

I guess that’s all one can do.


It’s taking all I got left in me.

But, I’m trying.

A Gift As Is

Week 7
Day 45 Monday August 20, 2012 –   Day 51  Sunday August 26th

I started going to the park again.  It wasn’t as consistent as before, but it was frequent and something momentous happened.

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned I jogged for the first time in …forever?  Well, that was short lived. My knee started to scream and for a whole week I was walking around like Doctor House. I was gimp and walking like a pimp.  When my knee finally stopped hurting I wanted to jog again. But, under consideration and talking to my fitness guru about why my knee even got hurt in the first place, I decided against it. Why? Well, because we decided it was just too much too soon. I was just too fat. Too much weight and pressure on my already weak knees. Which is why I got so hurt.  I’m not talking about regular work out pain, I’m talking about my knee was hurting so bad it brought tears to my eyes. I had to double wrap it and alternate between heat and icing it. So for the past couple of weeks I settled for a consistent power walk.  I walked as fast as I could, never faltering from the pace.

So Week 7 and I was mid power  walk in the trail in the park when I see a girl.  She looked young. Maybe my age (24).  She was twice my size, literally. And she was jogging.

Now, I mean this respectfully- but I saw her and thought she was much bigger than me how does she do it and I can’t (I know everyone is different, but still)? So I’m walking and thinking and walking and thinking and I came to a conclusion. From Monday’s weigh in I lost a total of 25 pounds since week one. That’s 20 pounds lighter since I jogged and got injured. I feel stronger and feel like I’ve acquired more stamina. And that’s a lot less weight on my body and hopefully on my joints. If this girl, twice my size, can do it… why can’t I?

So, I just tried it and I jogged. But, I did it right this time. I didn’t full out jog with all my speed and might. I took small steps and at a moderate but consistent speed and jogged slowly but steady. It was incredible.  I jogged further and longer than I ever have and I didn’t feel strain on my knees and joints.

Seeing that lady jog really gave me a push. I know it sounds bad “she’s fatter than me, so I can do it” but I mean it in a good way. I’m honestly happy for her and her abilities. I don’t begrudge her or look down on her. But there is a difference from healthy, slim people telling you what to do to exercise and lose weight and someone who is fat, big or obese doing something. It’s instructional. It’s motivational. It’s encouraging.  Most of all, it’s the push you need. Confidence building.  WE can do it ( note the capitalization and significance of WE).

I’m just thankful I saw her. I could have been looking for a song on my ipod and never saw her. I could of left earlier or later to go to the park and missed her completely. The lady herself probably had a long road to that moment too, maybe she finally gained the confidence to go out in public alone and work out. So many factors. But, we both were there at that moment in time at the exact same time to share a smile and unknowingly to her, motivation.  If you’re a religious person this is where you can insert your divine intervention. But, for me. I’ll just take the gift as is.  Acknowledge it, accept it and be thankful for it.

Thank you, lady in the park.

Love Makes Its Better

Week 6
Day 39 Monday August 13th 2012 – Day  45  Sunday  August 19th 2012

Something happened this week. It started off slowly and I only recognize it now while looking back to write this entry.   My heart wandered away from the fierce motivation and dedication I have been harboring since week 1. It went where it always goes- to my fiancée.

Monday, I stuck to the diet plan mostly and even worked out lightly on the bike. But, like I said, my heart wasn’t into it.  My nerves were a wreck and I was so filled with anxiety and anticipation.

It must be that time that.

Doctor checkup time.

And it was. Wednesday the fiancée FINALLY had all his appointments rearranged.  It’s been hell and nonstop issues and stress with his insurance/benefits/ disability. But, his insurance was finally fixed and I was able to commit to his MRI’s/blood work/doctor checkup routine appointments.

Naturally, this is where my focused diverted every waking moment. As the appointment date grew closer, I grew more anxious. Never fails. It’s all internal of course.  But, writing this blog and reflecting I realize that’s what took my attention away from myself. My heart and mind and soul was filled with worry for my love.  Running through all the scenarios, preparing for anything the doctors may throw at us, we have been blindsided before.  I think its more of a defensive mechanism. Worry, stress be upset or even cry if I need to…because once inside the doctors office we have absolutely no clue what can happen. For the past two years we have been told some wild things ( yes , even wilder than a cancer diagnosis ).  Believe it or not, never once have I cried in a doctor office. Maybe a tear or two while transferring rooms. But, never cried or lost my cool. I need to be clear and level headed both for the doctors and for my hubby.  If something is wrong, arrangements need to be made and to do that efficiently and accurately I need that focus even if its forced.

So, I go through my pre-doctors mourning stage. Updating and doubling checking Omar’s medical book, making a list of all his health mishaps and symptoms since we’ve last visited the doctors.  Cancer. It sucks. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish regular sickness from cancer sickness. Sometimes, more often than not, they overlap.  Sickness is usually caused because of the cancer. But, it all has to be relayed.

This got more cancer- y than I expected. Didn’t mean to go off topic and divulge so much. But, Monday and Tuesday was filled with this. Wednesday was the actual appointments, and for once everything went smoothly and quicker than usual and we didn’t get heart crushing news.  Disconcerting, yes. But, nothing bad and even some good…they even lowered his medications dosage!

But, I don’t regret the lack of exercise. I mostly stuck to the diet, I don’t recall cheating (Nothing written done in my notes either, I’m usually good with that but then again I was otherwise distracted). Plus, I exercised other mental demons. Which is just as detrimental to your health as food.

Thursday started with a much lighter mind and heart.  I was freer of mind but so worn out from all the mental turmoil.  So my bestie came over and we went to the park together. We actually  decided to go off the main road and try the hiking trail through the woods.  It was a MUCH better work out and the seclusion away with my bestie was a godsend.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I went to the park everyday but I started straying from the diet…mostly because my mother cooked. Hey, Guyanese food  vs diet. Even if I wasn’t on a diet …to pass up a home cooked West Indian meal? It’s a tough call to make.

And since my heart was battered this week, I just didn’t have the fight in me.

I just wanted a lazy few days of absolutely nothing but trash TV , my love and my dog.

Even if the doctor didn’t prescribe this , I was taking it anyway.

My dog, melts your heart and always makes you feel better. We thought we rescued her a year ago, but truth be told be, she rescues us everyday.

Taking a Moment

Just wanted to take a moment to thank my readers. I see my site stats, so I know people are lurking around, hopefully reading. Thank you for taking the time.

This is the first time I opened up any of my blogs/writing to the public or at-least to people I didn’t personally know. I was nervous and iffy about it, but haven’t been let down. Sure I got some spam comments, but WP is good with putting it directly to spam to await my evaluation of it. My other blog, my personal blog, I was recanting events-mostly the events that unfolded with my hubby and his cancer- and I was basically talking to myself cyber-ly. Because of that ,i fell off in writing. I lost incentive. I have a paper journal, i know what happened in my life, so what was the point in blogging about it? But, I started this new life venture and made this new blog and half way through i made it public. Each day i log on and see views on my blog or a new follower and it makes me feel good. The motivation to keep writing and updating comes from my readers. So, silent readers, thank you.

With that said, I appreciate the interest in my writing. I don’t mind if you are a silent reader. But, I welcome your commentary be it positive or negative. No need to be shy.

Happy writings everyone. I will be updating later on day …lazy stay at home and write day… so stay tuned.

Excuses Rejected, Challenge Accepted

Week 5
Day31 August 6th 2012  –   Day 38 Sunday August 12th 2012

My excuse for lack of commitment to diet and exercise was always the same- real life.  Real life gets busy and hectic. But, I finally understand. It’s an excuse.

When I was a full time college student, that’s all I was- a full time college student. I spent 3 hours commuting, up to ten hours on campus and  several hours at night doing homework/studying. I barely slept.  I always told myself that’s what a full time student does. Here’s the kicker… OTHER people are full time students as well… but they are also full time parents and/or full time employees.  I complained of being busy with school? Being busy with life? Well a lot of people are busy. It’s no excuse.

Old habits die hard. This week I struggled with “real life” and sticking to my diet and exercise routine.
I had some incidents and I had to scamper around and fill out applications and arrange paperwork and yadda yadda yadda. Then I got some bad news. For those of you that read my other blog, I wrote all about it, it’s about my neighbor that passed away. So I spent some time with my family, my neighbors and finally at a wake.  So Monday, I ate bad by not eating at all. Which was my number one bad habit a month ago.  Not eating is terrible on my metabolism.  For a sluggish metabolism like me? Eating is good. Not eating makes my body go in starvation mood and hoard fat.

I did various levels of bike exercise every day. Some days a “good” workout with a good “calorie burned” ratio. Other days…not so much.  My dad restocked my diet supplies so I was pretty good with my diet. I actually started integrating “regular”  food into my diet. I was striving for making “healthy” meals opposed to “restricting diet” meals.  For instance, one day I had 3 hot wings ( the frozen kind that comes in a bag) with a portioned cup of brown rice and veggies on the side. Not bad at all.  I was throwing in these “healthy meals” sporadically throughout the week.

I only went to the park once this week with a friend on Friday. When I came home I had to play catch up on all the house chores and cleaning since I was running around all week.  And a funny thing happened.

I was on a rampage. I was cleaning and cleaning and I wasn’t really tired. Usually I would do one task, take a break  or walk my dog or something leisurely then move on to the next task. But I was just a cleaning machine.

Yes, I have been cleaning since I started my health thing, but not to the extent I was doing it Friday.  I mean I fell really behind on everything…sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, garbage , restocking shelves, de-cluttering, laundry, folding clothes , had to change the sheets and pillow cases. So I was just knocking tasks out straight through to get everything done before it was time to feed my dog and then get dinner started.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had that much energy to do consecutive tasks. It felt really good to be able to be active. Also, to accomplish so much was a great feeling too.

But, I think I did go a little over board cause I was feeling faint when I finished. I think I burned off too many calories too soon … I mean I did work out in the park and then came straight home to cleaning escapades.  So, it was a lot.

I ate dinner and I felt tons better.

That Friday night, I slept cuddling with feelings of accomplishment and it was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.

Not to mention, when getting dressed for the wake, I fit into clothes that hasn’t fit me since last summer. That’s comfort personified.

Overall and looking back, it was an interesting week. This week challenged me (or is making me aware) to handle myself in a constant flux environment.  Anything is easy when it stays the same.  To adapt to change and learn to go with the flow…. That’s the real challenge.  It seems that’s where this journey is taking me.


EDIT: I was having problems with my scale this week. Every single time i stepped on it it would read a different number in like a 20 pound radius. I broke the scale or time for a new one…

Diet To Live, Not Live To Diet

Week 4
Days 23 July 30th 2012-Day 29 August 5th 2012

I bit into a plum and it was an odd color.  I have been food shopping ( or my dad has) at the same store every week.  I widened the fruits and veggies I eat courtesy of this diet. But, my go to fruit is a plum. I’ve been eating the “white “ plums. You know when you bite into it the inside is this juicy pale color. So I bit into a plum and it was red.  I was mid-3rd bite before my brain even suggested that it’s a different color. I looked at the plum thinking if I should be worried all while going for the 4th bite.  I casually ask my hubby who was lying next to me if something was wrong with the plum without really stopping from eating it. Rotten or not( and truth be told) I was going to eat it anyway.  Diets will do that to you. The picky eater is no longer so picky.

But truth be told, in the fourth week of my diet and I was enjoying the process.  It’s become a routine. True, at times I felt very robotic. But Monday as I stepped on the scale and saw an additional 4 pounds drop off the scale I was frolicking throughout the day. Literally. Like a broken record I’ve been saying it’s not about the numbers. But, it’s a beautiful feeling to have the energy and ability to frolic around my house if I feel so inclined. And boy did I ever.  I haven’t felt pride in myself in a long time. Now, I had many reasons to indulge in the feeling.  Yes, the pounds are slowly lowering, but my spirits and my stamina are rising each and every day. That is truly worth it all.

Back to the plum.  I wrote an entry a few posts back about my fitness guru telling me to cheat and eat some candy for the sugar. Well, the sugar deprivation/withdrawal hasn’t been bad for me. My diet, especially this fourth week, is mostly lettuce and fruits. For my dinner I include veggies and something for protein if needed.  Fruits (my fruits of choice are watermelon, cucumber, melon and yes plums) have natural sugar that are sufficient enough for your body’s needs. Plus, I have been trying out Truvia. It’s a natural zero calorie sugar substitute without those harmful chemicals and preservatives. I use one packet in my oatmeal in the morning. And two packets in my coffee.  I think I’m thoroughly sugar coated enough.

But, I’ve gotten used to the diet routine, sometimes it’s like I’m on autopilot.
“ I can’t eat that.”
No fuse. People in my household almost completely stopped offering me stuff but I no longer want to rip their head off from eating it in front of me and offering me a share.  Just a simple and automatic response “ I can’t eat that” really does the mind wonders. The power of saying no and making the choice leaves me feeling empowered, not deprived. Of course the  cravings are there sometimes still, but not bad at all.  I don’t even long for the treats. I fear I am no longer the fierce rebel diet girl.  I’ve crossed over to the dark side….

I have been deprived of the park though. I used the exercise bike at home all week.  The beginning half of the week I was actually putting it good bike time/ calories burned. The later half of the week not so great.
But, sufficient enough.

So, four weeks on diet and exercise. What to do now?  I’ll tell you what. Keep going.  I decided before i even started this diet I would reward myself for the milestones ( month markers) and I picked the most obvious treat…


Oh lovely booze.  Sue me, I like to drink. I’m gifted( though my wallet will disagree) with a high tolerance so I’ve never been the sloppy drunk or anything. But being conscious of not drinking for over a month ( I didn’t binge drink or anything before I started this diet) , I was skeptical. Mostly, I was thinking of all the calories. Yes, I was. Shocker I know. But I just couldn’t shake the thought a beer can be up to 300 and something calories. That’s a meal. I much rather be full than wastefully consume those extra calories.  So I wasn’t 100% I actually was going to treat myself.

But, I went to a block party ( my aunt’s block). And they had booze. I didn’t start off drinking. In fact I said no for a while. But then I got bored and made myself a drink. Then I thought I would get my money’s worth and made another and another and another. I lost count of the amount of drinks I made. It was vodka mixed with slushie ( we had a slushie machine). So it was a double whammy to my diet. But it was delicious and I loved it.  I was nice and tipsy and I was having a great time being out even the parts I hid in the backyard to play with the dogs all by myself away from the crowd.


So the fourth week of my diet I have gained confidence, my sanity, a routine,  pride in myself, increased stamina and energy, and a total weight loss of 15 pounds. I earned a treat, so I gave myself one. Without regret or mental lapse in confidence.  It’s like I’ve been saying … I want to get healthy, be fit to live life without restraints. I want to diet to live, not live to diet.

Diet Plan

Just a quick update with a funny.

Saw this on facebook


What’s your diet plan eh?

Reality (TV) Check

Week 3
Day 15 July 23rd 2012- Day 22 July 29th 2012

I wrote an entry about getting fit, not numbered. I stressed the importance of not galvanizing the scale.  To place the obsession on being healthy, not the number on the scale.  I still believe this.  But, I have to admit, knowing I worked hard exercising and eating right, I’m actually excited for the “weigh ins”. I don’t want to seem like a hypocrite. I’m not looking to lose a specific amount of weight, or reach a goal loss at the end of each week. I just want to be aware of my progress.  Plus, it’s liberating.  I used to hate getting on the scale. I can’t recall a time when I was happy, elated even, to hop on the scale.  But, now I am.

The start of my third diet week, I was minus an additional 3.5 pounds.  This is where I want to talk about numbers again. Before, many many times before, I dieted and dieted to no avail. In retrospect that’s not exactly true though. I always thought a plus size person should be able to produce those BIG numbers.So when I saw the weight was the same or only minus .5 pounds or a pound I thought my diet had failed. I thought since we have so much more weight, more can fall off and then our weight can be like a ticker counting down.  Why? Well because I’m one of those people that watch all the fat shows. You know the fat shows, “Heavy”, “The Biggest Loser” , “15 and Obese” ….hell even shows like “Ruby” and “I Used to Be Fat”.  We watch those reality shows and see each week the contestants get on the scale and their minus pounds are double digit numbers.  Yes, it can be achieved, but that’s not real life.

Lets put it in perspective, the contestants are working on the show for 3-6 months depending on the show, paid for doctor advice and nutritionist diet advice with diet plans and gym memberships with personal trainers paid for. Depending on the show, they usually are away at a camp and work out 6-8 hours a day sometimes more. Working out that much on a real low calorie restricted diet with almost no opportunities to cheat…of course that accelerates the process a bit.  What most people fail to realized, to lose weight the major factor is burning more calories than you consume. I again reference Jillian Michaels ( she is a trainer on The Biggest Loser but also a trainer with her own work out line). She is always posting blogs and facebook articles about this reference.  From her findings one pound equates to 3,500 calories. So to burn one pound you need to burn that amount of calories AFTER you burn the excess calories you consumed after your BMR requirement.  Your BMR is the calories your body needs to self-sustain itself.  I don’t have the fancy gadgets and I don’t trust my math so my numbers in calculating my BMR is probably off, so I suggest you go and research it yourself.  Just making a point, most exercises don’t burn as many calories as you think. For instance, I’ve been doing four miles at the park with the assumption I’m working hundreds and hundreds of calories. Well, according to my fitness guru and google, I’m not.  Doing that power walk is anywhere around 300 calories burned.  So to find time and work outs to rack up the amount of calories you need to burn isn’t an easy task.  But, it can be done… in real time which is slow and steady. Cumulatively you can burn enough to drop a pound or two a week, sometimes more….but  if you’re looking to drop consistently 10+ pounds a week like the TV shows… yeah that’s going to take a a lot of work and dedication. Not saying it can’t be done, just saying check your expectations.

Plus, you have to be aware of the first few weeks are easier in seeing results. Change in diet, change in activity and even biological aspects like loss of water weight are all happening which contribute greatly to pound shedding. Keep in mind, there will be a point when that isn’t enough, you will plateau.

I’m not an expert. I’m just saying. Life isn’t TV. Don’t hold yourself to the same standards.

My standards for my third week were pretty low. My knee was acting up.  So I strolled in the park when I could. I used the bike the other days, some days it was a real light workout. But, I tried to stay focused on the diet. Didn’t cheat or break it and stayed real strict. I knew I was lacking in exercise so I stayed focused on eating right. I felt like a rabbit, eating lots of lettuce. But, it evened out. You have to find a balance and you have to come to terms with the results of that. In my mind, some sort of work out was better than nothing. And it is in the grander scheme of things.  Like I said, it’s about getting fit and healthy. Activity no matter how small is always a better choice. It’s all about the standards of what you want your daily, real-time life to produce.  Conduct yourself in a way that reaps better rewards.  The overall change will add up and ultimately help you meet the ends you seeks.  If we can have standards in the social lifestyle ( the class and privilege we want )  and in a potential mate in which to date, why can’t we have standards in our health? Don’t let your standards be televised. Step into the real world and invest into yourself.


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