Diet To Live, Not Live To Diet

Week 4
Days 23 July 30th 2012-Day 29 August 5th 2012

I bit into a plum and it was an odd color.  I have been food shopping ( or my dad has) at the same store every week.  I widened the fruits and veggies I eat courtesy of this diet. But, my go to fruit is a plum. I’ve been eating the “white “ plums. You know when you bite into it the inside is this juicy pale color. So I bit into a plum and it was red.  I was mid-3rd bite before my brain even suggested that it’s a different color. I looked at the plum thinking if I should be worried all while going for the 4th bite.  I casually ask my hubby who was lying next to me if something was wrong with the plum without really stopping from eating it. Rotten or not( and truth be told) I was going to eat it anyway.  Diets will do that to you. The picky eater is no longer so picky.

But truth be told, in the fourth week of my diet and I was enjoying the process.  It’s become a routine. True, at times I felt very robotic. But Monday as I stepped on the scale and saw an additional 4 pounds drop off the scale I was frolicking throughout the day. Literally. Like a broken record I’ve been saying it’s not about the numbers. But, it’s a beautiful feeling to have the energy and ability to frolic around my house if I feel so inclined. And boy did I ever.  I haven’t felt pride in myself in a long time. Now, I had many reasons to indulge in the feeling.  Yes, the pounds are slowly lowering, but my spirits and my stamina are rising each and every day. That is truly worth it all.

Back to the plum.  I wrote an entry a few posts back about my fitness guru telling me to cheat and eat some candy for the sugar. Well, the sugar deprivation/withdrawal hasn’t been bad for me. My diet, especially this fourth week, is mostly lettuce and fruits. For my dinner I include veggies and something for protein if needed.  Fruits (my fruits of choice are watermelon, cucumber, melon and yes plums) have natural sugar that are sufficient enough for your body’s needs. Plus, I have been trying out Truvia. It’s a natural zero calorie sugar substitute without those harmful chemicals and preservatives. I use one packet in my oatmeal in the morning. And two packets in my coffee.  I think I’m thoroughly sugar coated enough.

But, I’ve gotten used to the diet routine, sometimes it’s like I’m on autopilot.
“ I can’t eat that.”
No fuse. People in my household almost completely stopped offering me stuff but I no longer want to rip their head off from eating it in front of me and offering me a share.  Just a simple and automatic response “ I can’t eat that” really does the mind wonders. The power of saying no and making the choice leaves me feeling empowered, not deprived. Of course the  cravings are there sometimes still, but not bad at all.  I don’t even long for the treats. I fear I am no longer the fierce rebel diet girl.  I’ve crossed over to the dark side….

I have been deprived of the park though. I used the exercise bike at home all week.  The beginning half of the week I was actually putting it good bike time/ calories burned. The later half of the week not so great.
But, sufficient enough.

So, four weeks on diet and exercise. What to do now?  I’ll tell you what. Keep going.  I decided before i even started this diet I would reward myself for the milestones ( month markers) and I picked the most obvious treat…


Oh lovely booze.  Sue me, I like to drink. I’m gifted( though my wallet will disagree) with a high tolerance so I’ve never been the sloppy drunk or anything. But being conscious of not drinking for over a month ( I didn’t binge drink or anything before I started this diet) , I was skeptical. Mostly, I was thinking of all the calories. Yes, I was. Shocker I know. But I just couldn’t shake the thought a beer can be up to 300 and something calories. That’s a meal. I much rather be full than wastefully consume those extra calories.  So I wasn’t 100% I actually was going to treat myself.

But, I went to a block party ( my aunt’s block). And they had booze. I didn’t start off drinking. In fact I said no for a while. But then I got bored and made myself a drink. Then I thought I would get my money’s worth and made another and another and another. I lost count of the amount of drinks I made. It was vodka mixed with slushie ( we had a slushie machine). So it was a double whammy to my diet. But it was delicious and I loved it.  I was nice and tipsy and I was having a great time being out even the parts I hid in the backyard to play with the dogs all by myself away from the crowd.


So the fourth week of my diet I have gained confidence, my sanity, a routine,  pride in myself, increased stamina and energy, and a total weight loss of 15 pounds. I earned a treat, so I gave myself one. Without regret or mental lapse in confidence.  It’s like I’ve been saying … I want to get healthy, be fit to live life without restraints. I want to diet to live, not live to diet.


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