Week 8
Day 52- August 27th– Day 58 Sunday September 2nd

The only thing noteworthy for this week is Wednesday.  This is the day I found myself at a crossroad.  Literally.

My bestie came to spend the day with me.  I love when she visits me. Plus, considering this falls under the  “ two weeks of hell”  that I wrote about in my previous entry…her comfort and distraction was definitely needed.  It was a lovely reprieve that really grounded me.

The best part?

We didn’t do anything over the moon. We went to the supermarket and did some light diet food shopping. When we came back to my house we chit chatted and were just…domesticated. We cooked turkey burgers and went through my ritual of cleaning the fruits and cutting them up and putting everything in dishes.

Afterwards, we went to the park. I love going to the park with my besties because we do the hiking trails, not the regular asphalt trail I do when I’m alone. Sure the asphalt trail I use is pretty, woods on either side. But I use it because it’s populated. After all, I am a girl. Gotta take some precautions.

What was even more fabulous about today?

The hubby came with us.

As soon as we hit the asphalt I told them I was going to jog a little to the bridge (there is a long asphalt path that leads from the avenue past the handball courts and running track to a bridge that marks the start of the actual trail). They both said they wanted to jog as well. So we all set off at the same time. As I wrote about in a previous entry, I’m starting my jogging pace as little old person slow, but steady. Eventually, work my way up to a full runners jog( that’s the goal remember, to jog on the beach).

So I’m two stepping along merrily, without much effort and strain. But, these two? They takeoff full throttle. I quickly fall behind. I had a smile on face.

I jog over the bridge, still breathing normal and full of energy to find my bestie and my hubby panting and leaning on the concrete rail of the bridge. They burned out.

I couldn’t help but feel smug.

After catching their breath we started off in the actual hiking trail within the woods. It didn’t even  feel like exercise. We were just being goofy and having a great time. Whenever there was a straight path ahead of us (no curves) I would jog a head to the end and then jog back to meet them.  Hey it is in the middle of the woods, didn’t want to wander off too far.

This is where things get interesting. The  trial in general ( the asphalt I usually use ) has a midway point with an entrance/exit back to the hustle and bustle of the street.  Naturally, the hiking trail ends at this midway point as well. BUT, there are more hiking trails in the second stretch of the asphalt trail. Following me? Not sure I’m explaining this for people who don’t know what this park looks like. Grew up here, lived here, all my life so it’s imprinted on my memory.

The thing is there are also horse trails in this second part of the trail. So we set off following the horse trail or the hiking trail…not sure which one cause they crisscross. At first everything was okay. But then…things started to get…natural.  There was more bush and nature. The worn path ways and trails started to fade. Some parts were like climbing ruins. That’s when things started to get scary.

And this is why my bestie is my bestie.

About an hour into this hike, she turned to me said “if we get lost in these woods, I’ll give you a half hour cause I love you, but I’m going to eat you. Survival. Desperate times calls for desperate measures”

Thankfully, the hubby was with us. Part of my freak out was worrying about him. With his sickness and low exercise stamina, I was just thinking  “ I can’t  carry him out of these woods”. But, having him there, the survival expert, was comforting.

The trail we took ended up taking us deep into the park. It actually took us to another borough. I’m from Queens, and we reached a part of the trail where were saw a highway, and I saw the highway sign reading Brooklyn exits.   Hearing the sounds of cars and having an idea of where we were was comforting.

Then the “path” was winding and winding and taking us deeper into the woods.

Then, we found ourselves at the crosswords.

I blurted out “I’m not deciding which way. Babe you pick”.  I threw down my leadership card so fast but I can’t even muster up an ounce of shame. I’ll do it again in a heartbeat.  If my chance of survival depended on MY instincts vs. the hubby’s? I’ll pick his anytime. I wouldn’t be surprise if he started sharpening tree branches with his naturally fanged tooth or his chipped front toot even.  He’s that kind of guy. Military brat too.

Without hesitation he picked a direction and the two of us followed him like little children. Shortly after, we stumbled out of the woods onto the halfway point of the trail. Don’t know how we ended up back there when we entered future down. But we were exhausted and plumped ourselves down in benches. We sat there staring at people going about their lives nonchalantly. Meanwhile, the three of us had this epic , emotionally charged adventure.  But, the world kept on turning while we endured our little woodland trauma.  Truly remarkable.

When then realized it was a bad idea to rest cause getting up and the walk home was a mission.  Surprisingly though, we didn’t hurt.  We weren’t sore.   We just didn’t have any energy left in us. We were just tired. Not sleepy. Tired. Drained of life.  Nothing helped too. It was hard to kick the feeling.

As a result, for the rest of the week I didn’t do squat for exercise.

And I didn’t even care.


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6 responses to “Crossroad”

  1. westernqueensland says :

    Excellent adventure, thanks for bringing me

    • Corner of Confessions says :

      You actually would love the trail, ALOT of bikers use it! That bikeathon that goes cross borough passed through it a few weeks ago. I was sooo angry I had to use to the boring ol track cause it was SO many bikers lol. It’s Forest Park in Queens, part of Victory Field.

  2. tfaswift says :

    Wow that was quite an adventure! My Dad had a scary experience many years ago where he was stuck on a sailboat, alone, during a very bad storm for many hours. He really thought he might die that day. After it was all over and he had recovered from the ordeal, he recounted the experience to all his friends, of course. And I said to him, “I suppose that’s the silver lining to every scary adventure: once it’s over, it makes a great story!” 🙂 And well done for the new healthy lifestyle! I’m into health/fitness/nutrition myself and it sounds like you’re doing everything just right, nothing too extreme. Very funny about the others zooming off ahead of you. That never works. Tortoise and hare! 🙂

    • Corner of Confessions says :

      Thank you for reading! Glad your dad safely returned and now has an awesome story to tell everyone! Thank you, it has been quite a liberating feeling investing in myself…especially since I spent the past two years care-taking for my father and my fiancee. I completely ignored myself. But, i finally realized i had to invest in myself to better be there for others. I”m real happy I have reached a place of mental clarity and peace to understand weight loss and fitness gain doesnt happen over night. I know I am young ( 24) but it seems my peers and others my age don’t get it. They think they can loose 10+ pounds a week effortlessly. They suffer from all kinds of self doubt and it breaks my heart. BUt, they have to find their own peace so I can only offer my advice and wait patiently for them.

  3. tfaswift says :

    You’re absolutely right about taking care of yourself first. It sounds selfish, but a good comparison is when you take an aeroplane journey anywhere, they always say that in the event of an emergency and those oxygen masks drop, the adults have to put theirs on first before their children’s. That’s because if the parents pass out from lack of oxygen, they are of no use to their kids. But the kids will still be ok even if they pass out for a minute while their mum or dad quickly takes care of themselves first. They’ll wake up again once their parents put the oxygen mask onto the child; but the child can’t put an oxygen mask onto an unconscious parent. When we take care of ourselves – body, mind and soul – we are much stronger and happier and so much better equipped to help others. You sound really mature for your age.

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