A Perfect World

Week 11 Diet Day 73 Monday September 17th 2012- Week 13 Day 92 Sunday October 6th 2012

With the start of a new week, I really and truly wanted to do better. Get strict again.  But then the walls around me started to crumble…literally.

Oh the plumbing escapades that ensued. Now, the people that know me in real life can tell you this isn’t the first time we had …problems…. in this house. It isn’t even the 3rd. Maybe the 5th or 6th? I’m starting to loose count.

In a perfect world it would be a quick fix. But it never is. We use a licensed plumber but it’s his side business so it’s just him. My hubby stands in, acting as his assistant to help. What do I do? Well not much while they are actually working. Mostly, wrangle my dog, Bianca, from getting dirty pipe water or ceiling/wall debris in her fur. But when they finish working for the day? Yup, you guessed it. The cleanup is my duty.  At least this time it was a bathtub/ sink  plumbing problem. So there was very little water spillage for me to clean up. The last time when it was my brother’s TOILET drain pipe that needed replacing? Ugh.  I felt forever unclean for weeks. I never showered so much in my entire life.

Anyway, this is what my days composed of.  My diet schedule was out the window. I was running off of coffee mostly. Then a regular but semi healthy dinner.

Finally, a few days later, everything was fixed and put back into their rightful places.

I can get back onto my diet/ schedule/ exercise routine.

Yeah. Cause that would be a perfect world. Instead, what happened next is my hormones took over.
I wanted chocolate. And I wanted it now.

Yup that’s right. My time of the month.

 (Male readers feel free to skip this part if its TMI, but I will be writing more “regular” stuff to this entry so don’t stop reading entirely)

As I wrote about in one of my earlier entries, I’ve always had problems with my menstrual cycle.  Exercising has been “activating” my cycle.  But, it’s still all types of messed up.   I had my period a week before I started my health thing. A few days in and I got it again. But, it was a light cycle and only lasted a few days. Since then? I have had two episodes of spotting.  I would feel and think I’m getting my period but I would just spot for a couple days. I would work out and the “flow” will regulate a little bit. But then I would go to sleep and wake up in the morning and it would ease up and back  to spotting.

Kind of like what I was going through BEFORE my health thing. Like my irregular cycle was fighting to replace this new menstrual cycle. It’s frustrating but at the same time I’m letting my body wage its own war.

And this week, it was freaky bloody.  Sorry if that’s gross. But, there was no question, ifs ,ands or butts if I got my menstrual cycle. Oh, it was here.  It was painful. It was never ending. I longed for my once every 3 months irregular cycle during this time. And my emotions?!I was just a big walking stereotype this week.  I was HUNGRY, I was emotional, I was tired and I was so easily set off. I hate the lack of control.  I isolated myself this week.

I took my deranged hormone self and put it in bed ( when I could, I still have chores and a household to run and people ( and a dog ) to tend too) and just hid behind the computer screen, applying to jobs online. At least that was something good to come out of the craziness, getting some applications sent out.

I was glad when this week ended cause it was an end to the madness.


So, I started feeling normal again and returning to civilization. My mother was hassling my father to get a flu shot and then when she found it was free with health insurance she moved on to hassling me.

So I outweighed my options, the never ending pestering of my mother or being sick? I’ll pick being sick anytime. Plus, I am hoping for a job. So I figured I would get the flu shot, and if I got sick from it at least it will be now being home and unemployed.

The receptionist for the pharmacy was actually EXCITED to see me.  She crooned over me and put me in a waiting room. I didn’t contemplate or wonder why she would be excited or why they put me in their ONE waiting room when they’re chairs directly in front of the pharmacy.

That little voice of reason in my head did start to whisper after I got bored and started reading the pamphlets they gave me with a list of what to expect, what the flu shot is and the side effects that may happen.

It was then I realized they put me in the waiting room so I wouldn’t walk right the fuck out of the store.

Luckily, or unluckily for me, the pharmacist ( I assume)  came it and gave me the shot in under 30 seconds and then with a coupon book and a have a nice day I was out of Rite Aid and walking home before I felt the pang where the shot was given.

I felt good for a while. Felt like I was taking care of myself and was motivated to go back to the doctors. I haven’t been in over a year, last year actually when I got sick with the flu/bronchitis. I was moving about preparing dinner and walking around my house with a little pep in my step thinking I did something healthy for myself.  I wouldn’t even get sick.

Like I said, only in a perfect world.

While I was preparing dinner I started to feel hot. Like really hot.  Next thing I know I’m standing outside (it was chilly outside) fanning my shirt drenched in sweat thinking I’m going crazy.  I realized it was one of the nifty side effects from the flu shot.

The next day I woke up and lo and behold I had the flu.

So this week, I walked around in a fog of sickness. I wish I had the liberty to just be sick but even being home, I’m in charge of cooking and cleaning and house hold chores and care taking of my father and my fiancée. Not to mention my doggie.  So, sick as I was, I still was fussing over something, doing something all day long. But, I just didn’t have it in me to work out.  I guess I did a soup diet this week because that was all I could really stomach.  Last week I did indulge in junk but this week, it was strictly soupy.
This week couldn’t end fast enough for me.

For the first time in a while, I wondered what could go wrong next week. I figured all the hindering, road blocking events to my diet and exercises HAVE to have passed. So nothing could possibly be an excuse or stoppage from getting strict next week.

Oh cause that would just make this a perfect world….

That weekend, we got a sidewalk violation.
SO Friday, Saturday and Sunday was spent tending to the sidewalk.

On the plus side… I got to see the hubby in work pants, work boots, a tank top with his muscles pulsing, sweat dripping while he was sledge hammering concrete.  I could barely contain my drool. Technically, he isn’t allowed to do manual labor…like at all.  But at the moment, I couldn’t care less.  For that moment, staring at him, reminiscent of when I first met him always working with his hands , I could PRETEND it WAS a perfect world.


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