Another update of sorts

So, i know my blog has been quiet lately, with my tech problems and all.

Also, i know my diet presentation in this blog is a little hard to follow. I have been posting mostly in  a weekly format but the dates were timed lagged from the actual present date. I started writing off my timeline about topics in general ( which is great, but again could be a little confusing) .  So, this is what I’m going to do. I’ll give a quick update of what is presently going on diet wise. Then a proposal of where to take things from here.

So quick update on the diet front:
I hate to say I stopped dieting. But, in a way i did. I haven’t been binge eating or eating fast food or excessively unhealthy foods. But, i have been indulging in snack foods and eating liberally…without the guesstimating of calories or sodium and counting and restricting. I have been making healthier meal choices  , but without all the fuss and stress. If i chose to eat a plate of WHITE rice and curry… so be it.  If i wanted to eat something , i ate it. I just tried to balance it out throughout the day.

And i haven’t gained any weight back.

But, the holidays are approaching and I want to start the restricting intense diet again… get a head start on counteracting the damaging that will ensue indulging in all the turkey madness and holiday treats galore.

But remember the goal isn’t weight loss. It’s to get healthy and get fit and that’s why I want to kick start my  health thing again. Been feeling sluggish again.  Getting tired faster. I haven’t been to the park in almost 2 weeks.   So, i already regret the slacking off in working out because it’s going to be like starting over in my training again. I don’t want to do that. I lost sight of it, but my dream of getting fit and running along the coast is still there. So, i need to stop being whinny about my personal life, grow a pair, and take my butt to the park.

And stop telling myself “tomorrow’.

Cause all we have is “right now”.  I have to start living in the now.

What to expect next:
I will be posting a RECAP. I have some new followers. I haven’t been posting regularly on the diet front. So, i think a recap will do my readers good. Plus, it’ll force myself to put things into perspective.  Admit things to myself, give me clarity of my actions ( or inaction). It’s a reality check. Hopefully mostly good, but also presenting the bad to motivate me to do better.  Overall, to help me with a NEW diet/health plan.

Because i took a hiatus from my health thing I don’t think it is accurate to keep counting from the week/day I left off. I’ll be restarting the counting.  Yup. Back to the beginning.  But, i don’t want to discredit the time/weeks and effort i put in thus far. So i will calling this PHASE TWO: Week one. Day one.

Also, i have been debating about trying some “fad” diets. But i keep coming back to “no” because most of them aren’t healthy or balanced or make you loose weight excessively fast in which you gain it all back really fast. But, I want to challenge myself and try different methods. So, I’ll let you know what i decide.

So look for my RECAP of everything i accomplished so far on my health thing. Then Look for PHASE TWO of my diet/health thing. 

I might of slipped up. Lost time. But things aren’t over. Oh no. They are just getting started…

I received a text message yesterday afternoon that repairs on my laptop have been completed and processing to send my laptop back to my local store has started. So today is Wednesday.  I’m thinking the warehouse company has scheduled drop off/pick up dates already. So I’m not narcissistic enough to believe my laptop will be the sole cargo and delivered first thing. No. I’m aware they probably are waiting for their already scheduled shipment date. Well this previous Monday, they were scheduled for a pick up from my local store. So maybe Monday is their return delivery? One week is a good turn around time right?

Update on my Personal Life:
I went to a job fair last week. It was mostly a bust. And since my laptop is off on it’s adventure the job search is kind of on a stand still. I know it’s not an excuse. I can use the PC to write this blog entry, I can use it to search for a job. Again it’s just me being whinny. Kicking and dragging my feet like a child. Cause you see i switched my job search from the higher end jobs, or the meaningful jobs I would LOVE ( working in the hospital, cancer centers, with kids or animal rescue)  to retail. Yes, I’m selling my soul.  But, it’s that time of year. Seasonal hiring.  So it’s realistic.
I got a call back too from a retail store. It’s not an interview. It’s more of an orientation, pre-interview interview screening. ( I asked if it was an private or group interview and she said neither and explained this). Basically they’re trying to weed out the candidates they could possibly hire. So after this orientation, there will be another round of phone calls in which those candidates will get a interview. And then only a handful of people will be hired from that bunch.

Oh and this past Sunday was  a street fair. And i spent it with the bestie. We had so much fun.  We had so many adventures. One of them was baking my very first cake. Okay okay it was box cake but still, the firsttime i put something in the oven to bake.  Since a couple days before was the bestie’s bday, it worked out great.

Update on my Doggie:

So my mother lent me her in case of emergency credit card for Bianca’s vet bill.  I feel so much relief now that she had her yearly check up. She got all four shots. She got a snap/combo test to test for disease such as Lyme disease ( we had  a bad flea and tick  season). She got blood work done to check everything out.  We gave a stool sample. And  the Vet checked her out thoroughly.  Listened to all her organs, her little heart and lungs and her stomach and her bladder.  Checked all her joints and  lady parts ( Bianca isn’t spayed). I inquired about the hair loss ( it started to grow back already) and the vet confirmed what i thought , a flea allergy. They also confirmed why i had a flea problem to begin with, i received a bad dose of Front Line. They explained to me its not that vets are trying to make you go broke.. it’s they get the medication directly from a manufacturer.  Pet stores and stores online …someone buys from the manufacturer  and then sells to these stores meanwhile the stuff isn’t stored properly and it ages.  I also got Bianca’s heart worm prevention medication.  The vet complimented my caring for Bianca ( she noticed she is bathed frequently with oatmeal shampoo, she didn’t have to clean Bianca’s ears cause i clean them at home, and she noticed improvement in Bianca’s teeth since I started brushing them when I got her, a year ago. )  Since my mother just bought Bianca new flea medication ( Advantix) and it’s working I didn’t need to buy more but i think in the future I will just dish out the extra money and buy directly from a vet. Bianca got her nail trimmed too.  And my little champ didn’t even cry when she got her shots. Oh she cried in the waiting room. Was trying to swan dive jump off the vet’s metal examine table. But when the vet helper held biance still and the vet started giving the four shots Bianca stood still and took it.  What a champ. I wasn’t with her for the blood work. But, she seems fine. Look at my little  champ with her battle wounds. She looks so cute with her bandaged paw.


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6 responses to “Another update of sorts”

  1. sethsnap says :

    Well you seem to be doing better than me because I haven’t even started to be healthy. It’s good to see you understand that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. For me, I get discouraged with I don’t see results right away and end up slipping back into my bad habits.

    And I’m glad you got Bianca’s vet stuff sorted. Dogs are expensive but so worth it.

    • dietriotgirl says :

      Seth thank you for taking the time to read and respond! One of my main motivations to finding a job is to pay for stuff for Bianca. I have to get her spayed since she is 7 years old but the “free” or “low costs” places either wont take her or arent equipped to work on a older dog. Plus, i’m one of those pet owners that like to dress up their dog ( oh she hates it lol)

      You know i started this health thing because I realized i care take for my father and fiancee and always fuss over their health yet completely neglect myself. So, I dont care what the scale says. Just like I want my loved ones to be around forever, i should take care to make sure I will be there with them. I really suggest just taking it slow. One week weed out something bad like junk food. The next week add something to that list like soda. Then the following week replace one of your meals with something healthy. I find it much easier to make changes in small steps. The results last longer and it makes “dieting” so much easier.

  2. tfaswift says :

    Hi Tasha, lovely update. It’s a nice idea – a little re-cap on everything. I agree with the gentleman above about your doggie. It’s so nice that you are so responsible in taking care of her. It’s amazing how many people have pets and claim to “love” them, but they don’t do all this stuff. Bianca is so gorgeous! Poor little boo-boo on her leg. 😦 She seems to be in good spirits though. My little Rollie would fall madly in love if he saw her!

    I just spent over a week having to care for poor Rollie who had an incredibly bad reaction to his vaccines this year. He developed a huge abscess on his back and looked like a camel with a hump. The vet was able to drain (yuck) a lot of the stuff (yuck) out of it with a syringe, but it came back and two days later, late at night, well, it’s gross so I won’t say. The thing basically sorted itself out, which meant mummy and daddy sitting with Rollie for about an hour with wads and wads of tissue, disinfectant, a fan heater blowing on Rollie (because he was in shock and trembling), until finally it was over.

    He’s all healed up now and I gave him a much-needed bath day before yesterday. I couldn’t bath him at all during the whole hump-experience because he felt ill and was aching, or during the post-drainage healing part because I needed to let the wound scab over. He’s all better now, but I wonder how many animals out there have to endure these kinds of things without proper care and attention. It’s terribly sad.

    So sorry that you’re not getting the kind of job you want right now. Your dream jobs sound wonderful! Such a caring and giving person. But you gotta do what you gotta do to put food on the table and pay the bills for the time being. It’s tough, but things will improve.

    Try not to feel down on yourself for taking a vacation from your diet. Too many people feel really bad when that happens and then they get depressed and eat to feel better. Your approach is very wise – this is phase two. Nice and simple. You mentioned rice. I grew up in Hong Kong so I eat rice every day; that’s normal for me. In western culture most people eat potatoes and bread for their starch/carbs. But if you look at the two cultures – east and west – most Asian people (in their home country) are slim, whereas the same is not true for westerners.

    I don’t know if you have one already, but an electric rice cooker is a great little investment. I’ve had one all my life and use it every day. I barely ever eat potato or bread. I only eat bread if I’m out somewhere and starving, then I might have a tuna sandwich. But otherwise, rice is my staple starch. It’s way more slimming than white potatoes and wheat. Anyway, just thought I’d share that in case you want to give it a try.

    Very cute cake! Congrats on baking something! 🙂 Ovens can be daunting.

    • dietriotgirl says :

      Tilda! Thank you for taking the time to read and write such a intensive response! Rollie sounds so cute and I”m glad he is all healed up and better. All the neighborhood dogs LOVE Bianca , cry and whine and pull their owners to get to her and she acts like she can’t be bothered. She is so anti-friendly. I don’t think she was socialized well before i got her a year ago. And, i don’t want to experiment with local dogs since she automatically goes on the offensive cause she is jealous and protective of me. She has gotten LOADS better. She walks away now instead of growling at other dogs. Last week she actually went to play with another dog( it was a puppy) but it was so cute. I’m hoping with the holidays we’ll be visiting my Aunty more and she has three dogs.. so she’ll get to socialize a bit in the backyard with other dogs. Plus, she isnt fixed yet so i worry about dogs trying to hump her lol.

      You know i’ve been having such a hard time trying to cook rice. Lol! It either comes out too hard or too mushy. We gave up and bought the boil a bag of rice lol! But when I diet i avoid starch and carbs. I only allow myself a real little for one of meals ( need a balanced diet) because those are the most fat inhabiting components. SO now on off diet days? CARBS i want carbs… pure white bread. I like the healthy bread and stuff but there is just something in the white bread that gives it that taste of completeness.

      And you know what? I dont feel bad about the break from the diet. I’m in a good place with it all. I don’t want to be one of those obsessive diet people. I want to randomly bake a cake and eat it and have a good time with my loved ones and not worry or complain about it. It’s okay to indulge every now and then. LIke today i was going to start a fresh diet , start the phase two. But then the hubby wanted breakfast…which is so rare. He almost never eats breakfast. SO i cooked a feast and we eat happily. I like to enjoy times like this and not drive myself crazy with guilt or regret. I think my health thing is great… but i need to allow myself real life experiences as well. I think i’m managing well. I made plans this weekend with a friend to go hiking in our local park. Today, i’ll just watch what i eat, balance a little bit. Cause it’s about living life to the fullest, not restricting every single move. Balance. It;s all about balance when it comes to health.

  3. Daniel Taylor says :

    diet riot girl! Thanks for following my own blog. Just jotting a note here about dieting: I have never had a problem with being too overweight, but I could have. For some reason that escapes me I knew long ago that I needed to eat responsibly, and for me that mostly means not stuffing myself. Ah, I could be wrong, I guess, but when you think about it, if a person does not eat at all, how can he gain weight at all? So, eat less — weigh less!

    I basically learned by accident, that I do not need to eat until I feel full. I can measure out the amount of food on my plate, and restrict myself to that, and only that — no seconds. Doing this is a very easy thing to do, IF you have been doing it for a long time. Starting out eating this way requires tremendous self-control and a strong will.

    Heck, I am preaching to the choir! I just wanted to return in kind, and leave a comment. Have a great day!

    • dietriotgirl says :

      Daniel, thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and read and leave feedback! You know i believe if we start teaching healthy eating practices in schools we wouldn’t have half of the issues with weight and health and self esteem issues we have now. I was completely ignorant to healthy eating coming from parents who were work-a-holics and most of our meals consisted of eating out or quick canned or packaged food meals. I’m happy though, I’m seeking out the information for better living and eating and I made a change for myself , by myself…. so i also have a little smug satisfaction and can claim all the rewards alone. LIke you learned a way of healthy eating from early on, I’m glad I am now learning and investing into my health. But others aren’t so lucky. I just feel heart broken for the teens and young adults who aren’t so outgoing…even here on wordpress it’s filled with youth desperate for help, suffering form eating disorders, bad health and habits.. it breaks my heart.

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