Bringing down the walls

I have been  segregating my two blogs. The gig is up and the wall is coming down.

I have two blogs

Diet Riot Girl

and my personal one

Corner of Confessions

I wanted to keep them both completely separate. But, wordpress doesn’t allow it. While CoC is my primary blog, i only have one reader and I cannot separate who I follow on which profile. While technically one of my profiles follow you, in my reader it’s all the same.  Yes, i have people who solely follow one of my blogs and not the other ( that’s more than okay!). And i use my Diet Riot Girl profile for almost all my following and commenting. So, when you see the list of followers its a big jumble of diet and cancer blogs with a few writing blogs and photography blogs thrown in( And i love each and everyone!) . I wanted CoC to be the “writing” blog and  follow the cancer blogs and writing blogs with that profile and Diet Riot Girl to be just that, a diet/health/fitness blog and follow those type of blogs with that profile. But it’s all a big mess. Sometimes wordpress switches profiles on me and I comment on a blog with CoC while i followed it under Diet Riot. I know it may be confusing.

But, for now, it’s working. I love each and every follower and whichever name/profile you know me as you have  a genuine follower out of me.  But, i give up the hoax of trying to keep it all separate.

Truth be told, I wanted CoC  for the liberalness. I wanted that blog, where i didn’t have to censor myself for younger readers or family members. I started blogging on that profile a long time ago and when the hubby became ill i wanted to use that blog to share that story but then i stopped blogging all together. Then i wanted to blog about random things and i didn’t want to verve from the Cancer topic so i just stopped blogging. Then i started my health thing so started a new blog for it.

My Diet Blog  has been amazing. I seen it come alive with my small but dedicated following. It has been fabulous so far.

But now, writing again, I want to blog about random ramblings and I don’t have a place for it. A few random blogs started seeping through on CoC and now I’m so hesitant to post anything.. I want to post on my diet blog but feel it doesn’t exactly pertain to the theme.

I don’t know what to put what where. I don’t want to clutter one blog and yet I don’t want to ignore one either.


Recently, I’ve been thinking of creating yet a whole new blog. Start from scratch. Have the liberty to post about anything and everything. Completely letting ALL the walls down. But, the thing that would be different this time is I would not be linking it to my Facebook, or people i know in real life. You see weather it is my diet blog or corner of confessions there always is a little bit of holding back because I have family members on Facebook and i want to avoid the gossip train from starting.

It’s all so exhausting. That’s why i stopped blogging time and time again. Plus, i didn’t actually have actual followers and readers. Now , albeit it’s small, I do have a following and it’s completely warmed up my heart and allowed a chance for my passion for writing to peek out of its shell again.

But now, how do i keep it all organized. Obviously, the segregation has its limitation.
I was also thinking of just reformatting CoC. My Diet Blog has been going well. And I’ve been posting random bits on CoC.

I think, for now, I’m going to work on posting more diet/health stuff on my Diet Blog.
And just post everything else on CoC.

Does this work for you, my dear readers/followers?

And if I was to make a blog under a  pseudonym name, will you follow it?


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11 responses to “Bringing down the walls”

  1. Corner of Confessions says :

    Reblogged this on Corner of Confessions and commented:
    Reblog from my Diet Blog

  2. tfaswift says :

    Tasha my love, why not just open a new account with a new name – pseudonym (and new email address too if you like), and just start afresh writing everything in one blog? I don’t know how many followers you have, but you could contact each one personally to let them know your new blog if you want to.

    I would certainly follow you and would never use your real name.
    If you really want to write completely uninhibited, I don’t see any other way to do it except to assume another identity, a pen name. If you contact your special followers directly to inform them of your new blog, you don’t need to tell them your history again if you don’t want to. Or you could just copy and paste enough background info from your other blogs into your new one so they get the gist of your life.

    You could have different Categories – one about your diet, one about the illness in your family, and another just for writing whatever you feel like without any concern for the repercussions. Just go on a complete rant if you feel like it. Anyway, that’s just my idea. I don’t see how you can ever have complete freedom without starting a new blog with a new account. It’s not that hard. I did it for the blog that I recently made.

    Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide; and where you go and whoever you are, I will follow you. @—>—>— (that’s a rose)

  3. nishi01 says :

    Can connect when you say… have to hold back a little…since some readers are people you may know in real life. I used to link my blog on facebook…and do not anymore…just so that I can be more ‘me’ when I am writing. keep penning… warm wishes

    • Corner of Confessions says :

      Thank so much Nishi! I don’t plan to stop writing and I’m going to try to stop censoring myself too. I’m just trying to find time to write … every night i log on and sit at the computer and instantly start falling asleep over the keyboard. It’s been so busy with my family staying over since they were displaced by Hurricane Sandy that hit the east cost of america.

  4. reverse cell phone lookup says :

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    • dietriotgirl says :

      Hey there! I actually don’t have a topic of the week. I just post about my diet. But, unfortunately I have been “off” my diet for a some time now. So i didn’t want to post everyday about how I’m not living healthy. But, I’m getting ready to write a post about what I have been up too and coping with some health/diet realities.

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