Hang in there

I just wanted to write to my readers and followers a quick bit. I’m sorry I haven updated in awhile. It is not without cause. Each night I open up the laptop and log on and have every intention of writing. But then, i start nodding off right over the keyboard. One night i actually woke up two hours later to a dead laptop still open on my lap.

It’s just I’m dealing with post- hurricane Sandy effects. While my house didn’t personally get hit and suffer damage, my family resides in a declared disaster area.  So, we have been fostering them in my house hold.

I’m not complaining. I’m happy to help. But, it’s just doing stuff nonstop all day.

To be quite honest, there hasn’t been a Phase Two of my diet yet. But, i promise there will be. I still have health related stuff to tell you. So please, stay with me and hang in there. I will write a post of more substance definitely this weekend. I start working Monday so I will be sure to post something meaningful, profound and life affirming before then. Well, that is the plan anyways.

Thank you ya’ll. I appreciate each and every one of you and I know I have been slack in leaving feedback on your blogs but i caught up the other day and I’m trying to catch up tonight. Again, hang in there while I make my rounds.


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10 responses to “Hang in there”

  1. Holly J says :

    It’s been crazy on the east coast since Sandy hit. Like you, my area was okay but seeing my friends and fam go through stuff…it’s just a lot to handle. No wonder you’re tired.

    • dietriotgirl says :

      Thank you Holly J for taking the time to read and respond. I hope your family and friends are surviving and conditions are getting better for them. Sandy threw us all for a loop. It’s not like we’re used to Hurricanes in the East Coast. But, all the help that is pouring in from all around I’m remaining optimistic everyone will overcome this.

  2. sethsnap says :

    How many folks do you have staying with you?

    • dietriotgirl says :

      Thank you Seth for stopping by my blog! My house is five people( Myself, the hubby, my mom , dad and brother… my grandfather also lives here but he has his own apartment in the basement and has a home health aid so he is pretty independent). My family that was staying here it’s a total of 6 people ( my aunt, uncle, cousin and his wife and their child and my other cousin )But they weren’t all staying here all at the same time everyday… the adults ( aunt/uncle and cousin/wife) were switching cause they needed to protect the house and be there for inspectors and such Plus they have 3 older dogs. It was only two days that everyone( animals included) stayed here. But Monday everyone went home since they finally were able to get a generator. Buttt I started working Monday. So i have been out and still trying to time manage and find time for wordpress and blogging.

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