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Corner of Confessions

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone had a very special Christmas!


Today, my only day off, i woke up extra early because my doggie woke me up. After I walked her she ditched me and went straight back to sleep. I , however, cannot fall back asleep so i made coffee and discovered I was out of coffee creamer. Had a lazy morning on facebook and wordpress. Showered and dressed in my favorite PJS.

Yup, it’s that type of Christmas. So tired from work. No dressing up or frilly-ness this year. It was liberating to be honest.

My mother had the pork in the oven cooking since the wee hours of the morning. When i came downstairs after showering all i see was SMOKE. So my hubby opens the over and in his words “FLAMES ALMOST HIT ME IN THE FACE!” ….lol! It wasn’t that bad. It was a small…

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Vote for me

I forgot to reblog this early. On my personal blog i part took in a blog challenge over on Swift Expression blog. This was the first in the series. The poll is up to vote for the first blog challenge winner. The second blog challenge is up and I already did most of them cause im going to be working nonstop and wont have the time too later. But, if you feel so inclined please vote for me for the first blog challenge.

Corner of Confessions

Vote for me?

Over on Swift Expression the first Blog Challenge is down and now the poll is up to vote for the winner who gets to decide where the money raised will be donated. I’m not fussy about wining but still i urge you to pop over there and vote for me if feel so inclined. Of course if someone else sparks your fancy you are more than welcomed to vote for them.

Here is the Poll Link :

If that adorable picture ( found on google) wasn’t cute enough and didn’t say please enough maybe a different power of persuasion can be deployed?

How bout fear?


Now if that doesn’t scare you into voting I don’t know what will! LOL.

Seriously, the whole point of everything is to inspire each other and encourage each other like a creative writing group. So please do take the time click…

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Corner of Confessions

As my readers may know, I just started participating on Swift Expression Blog Challenges. What i didn’t mention was the winner will be decided by means of a poll. And in the spirit of giving back the winner can decide which charity to donate too. The problem is, no one is donating to the charity.

To be fair, I have not donated yet. But, i do plan too when I receive my check ( we don’t get paid weekly) and when my bank account is sorted out ( I had to open a new account and do not have a bank/debit card yet).

But, i ask of you if you would like support this cause please do. The minimum donation  is one single dollar. Here in the blogging world, we often try so hard to share our words and make a difference. We also see of these fundraisers by…

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Hey my dear readers!

I updated my personal blog Corner of Confessions and i wanted to share that here. I didn’t want to simply reblog it  cause I wanted to add a little health related information to this blog. So  here is the link to my personal blog’s latest entry( though most of you already follow that blog too).

In health related news ,  I just wanted to let everyone know I have been doing better with my eating habits. I’ve been working hard and time managing better so I make sure to eat something with my morning coffee before work. My days off, I have been eating 3 square meals. Next week when i go food shopping I’m investing in those health drinks and smoothie drinks and will be taking it to work to have on my meal breaks. So, I’m taking steps to getting back on the healthy train and fix my metabolism again.

My new struggle is finding the desire to work out again. I’ve been having two or three days off in a row. The first day off , i do all the outside errands ( bank, dollar store, supermarket, bodega, pharmacy etc). Then the second day off i play catch up on all the cleaning and house chores. If i have I third day off, like today, I try my best to invest a chuck of it into my blog and facebook and email and phone calls and texting… reconnecting with friends and family….and my TV. Catching up on all my shows. But most importantly spending time with the hubby and my doggie. Today I will be giving my doggie a bath and brushing her teeth and cleaning her ears. I just finished this big breakfast adventure with the hubby. Made coffee, scrambled eggs, hash browns and spam. So stuffed. Took forever to clean up the kitchen. I’m now boiling chicken for my doggie and just took out chicken to defrost for dinner for the hubby. I will be seasoning them in an hour or two when they are defrosted and then figure out a side for the chicken for the hubby.  The past couple of days I have also been Christmas shopping. I just need to get a toy for my niece to go with the clothes I got her and something a little extra to supplement the long sleeve thermal graphic tee i got my brother.  I wish i had more funds, but I set a budget and i got everyone a little something..and item or two. Nothing pricey or crazy money.

The problem is…  i like this domesticated stuff. I like spending the time with my man and my dog. I like being home. I miss them so much when I’m working. And honestly? Work has been kind of strenuous. My arms are just starting to feel normal again  on the third day off.  Thanks to phase one of my diet I have ALOT more stamina than i used too… so work hasn’t been hard for me physically. Just using muscles i never used and with my job it isnt your typical retail store… we have to be doing something at all times.  I’ve cleaned, I’ve done stock, I’ve done new displays, I’ve been the folder, the hanger up-er and Ive been the return person ( put back all the stuff people dumped around the store or at the register) and worked the register…all in the same shift. I like my job. I like the activity. It’s also mentally exhausting cause we have to stay alert at all times, paying attention to customers, staying aware ( look out for thieves) and especially on the register( dealing with money)But, i do feel quite tired after a days of work. I felt my arms today and I’m starting to get little muscles!

I have to mentally pep talk myself into working out again. So that’s the next step. But, i haven’t been too upset about it because like i said my job is active. I’m not laying in bed all day on my day off either. So i’m content. But, i don’t want to be content. I want to strive for better… just better living and health. So that’s next on the list to tackle.

I just want to thank you all for baring with me. I know it’s taking me awhile to get back on track, but I’m getting there! I’m very honored you all are patiently waiting and encouraging me along.


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